Our Story

My name is Tim Spinosa, CEO of Spinosa Game Concepts and I love creating and playing interactive games. I grew up with five brothers and five sisters and lots of hand me downs but no silver spoon. At an early age I found a lot of joy creating games with what I had and always had a lot of fun playing games with my family. I loved competitive sports and was always changing rules or modifying a game to make them more exciting or challenging. My passion led me to become a physical education teacher where I could continue to teach and be involved in what I loved. My love for toys and board games grew even stronger when I got married and had four wonderful children of my own. My wife Morgan, and children Trevor, Sara, Marty, and Storie have become my partners in this new adventure. As the children were growing up I was back to creating and modifying their games to make them more exciting or age appropriate. Then one day an idea hit me to invent an original game. I created a game and the family sat around the kitchen table had a blast. It was magical to hear all the input and advise pouring out of their young minds. Then it became total mayhem as the games just keep pouring out of my mind and now these prototype games fill our house. We began having family friends and test groups play our games and the response has been phenomenal. Everyone loves to play our games and they would constantly say that these games should be available for every family to enjoy. I then realized how passionate we had all become and we decided to open our own company. Our mission is to create amazingly fun games that bring families back to the kitchen table to laugh and enjoy each others company. We believe that a family that plays together stays together.