Product Description:
Pass N Pens is the wacky pen passing color guessing game. Each player will try to move their pawn in a fun filled nail biting race to the finish on the zany pen pal board. Each round starts with a hot potato style passing of multi colored pens from player to player. This is a wonderful teamwork element of the game. Every child loves passing the pens around, which usually leads to random song and kids singing. As the children pass the pens in a circle someone will then say "STOP" and each child is left with a different color pen. It is time for predictions to be written on each dry erase board. Who can guess what color the pen pal spinner will land on?? Will the color he lands on match your pen?? If your prediction is correct you will advance on the pen pal board. Also, if your pen matches the color the pen pal landed on you too advance on the pen pal board. The excitement builds as each player's pawn moves closer and closer to the finish line.

Not only does Pass N Pens reinforce the educational benefits of reading, writing, color recognition and teamwork but it is a blast to play. Every child will experience success throughout this fun filled game. Pass N Pens is always a close and exciting race to the finish line.

play time: 20-30 min
number of players: 3-6

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